Where is the brand corporated?
ISHA is corporated in Toronto, Canada since 2022.




How do the products made?
All the candles are 100% handmade products.


What type of candle wax would ISHA use in the products?
ISHA use five types of wax, including SOY WAX, BEE WAX, PARAFFIN WAX, PALM WAX and GEL WAX.


What are the difference of those candle wax?

Soy Wax
  • Derives from soybean oil
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Softer and more pliable
  • Higher melting point
  • Slower burn time
  • Emits less soot and few toxins
Bee Wax
  • Derives from bees and their honeycomb hives
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Give off a tinge of sweetness into the air
  • Emits less soot
Paraffin Wax
  • Derives from coal, petroleum or oil shale
  • With colorless solid compound
  • Holds a lot of fragrance, casting stronger scents
  • Low melting point and not easy to extinguish, well-suited for outdoor
Palm Wax
  • Derives from palm berries
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Produce a crystalline/ featured/ ice effect
  • Very high melting point
  • Absorb a greater level of fragrance
  • Emits less soot
Gel Wax
  • Combination of resin ad mineral oil
  • Can be made as see-through candles or embedded-object gel candle



What does the burn time of your candles:
It depends on the type of candle wax and the size of candles. The burn time will be mentioned in the product description.


Can I customize my own candles?
OF COURSE YOU CAN! You are welcomed to share your thoughts with us, and choose your favourite wax/ fragrance/ shape etc. We are pleased to make the special products for you if it is possible.


Any advices for using the candles?
Yes, please pay attention on the below advices:

  • Trim wick to 1.4 inch before lighting.
  • Burn candle within sight.
  • Keep away from drafts and vibrations, only burn the candle on a level, fire resistant surface.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Never burn candle on or near anything that can catch fire.
  • Keep candle free of any foreign materials including matched and wick trimmings.
  • Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time.


How can I prevent tunneling candle?
You need to burn your candle long enough each time so that the entire top surface of wax is melted. This is especially important the first time you burn your candle.


How to fix tunneling candle?

  • Trim the wick and remove any debris inside the tunnel. 
  • Use a heat gun or hair dryer on the highest setting, heat the wax on the top surface of the candle.
  • You can carefully poke at the unmelted wax on the sides with a toothpick to help it melt faster.
  • Continue heating until the entire top surface of wax has completely melted and smoothed over.
  • Relight your candle and allow it to burn until you can no longer see any tunneling.



  • Trim the wick and remove any debris inside the tunnel. 
  • Cover the the whole candle (including container) with aluminum foil, leaving a small opening for lighting the wick.
  • Burn the candle for a few hours until the top surface of wax has completely melted and smoothed over.




Could I pick up?
Yes you could! Choose "PICK UP" when you are checkout, then contact us to schedule a date and time for meeting up at UNION STATION TORONTO.

Which country do we ship to?
We do worldwide shipping.


How long does the delivery time take?
It depends on the location, time of year and postal service, please refer to the "SHIPPING & RETURNS".

Can I change my shipping address?
You are allowed to change your shipping address for only ONE TIME before we shipped. 


Can I retune, refund or exchange after receiving the delivery.
We offer return, refund or exchange with limitation. Please refer to the "SHIPPING & RETURNS".


Last updated: 16 October 2023